Tetris® By The Numbers


  • Tetris is played in more than 200 countries

  • Tetris has been translated into more than 50 languages

  • Tetris has been released on over 50 platforms

  • Over 35 million units of the Tetris game were sold for the original Game Boy platform

  • Over 520 million units of Tetris have been sold worldwide

  • There have been more than 615 million downloads of Tetris on mobile devices alone

  • Today, more than 90 licensees and promotional partners worldwide offer innovative Tetris-brand lifestyle products and experiences, including apparel, toys, décor, novelties and more

  • The Tetris game has been used in over 30 scientific studies, ranging from its effects on PTSD and brain efficiency, to treating amblyopia (lazy eye), and controlling diet and other cravings.